Gambia: Govt Sacks MCA Executive Director Amid AKI Report

The government on Friday announced it has fired the executive and deputy executive directors of the Medical Control Agency (MCA).

This decision followed that recommendation of the Presidential Taskforce Report which was launched on Friday at a press briefing held at the Ministry of Health.

The Taskforce Report recommended that government with immediate effect, dismiss the Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director and consider prosecuting them in line with the relevant laws for abdication of their official duties.

“Considering the foregoing, for the purpose of strengthening the MCA and restoration of public confidence in the institution, Executive Director of MCA has been dismissed with immediate effect and also the contract of the Deputy Executive Director is terminated with immediate effect. The report will also be forthwith transmitted to the Gambia Police Force for further action,” Health Minister Dr. Ahmadou Lamin Samateh revealed.

The Presidential Taskforce Report also recommends for government to refer the matter of Sait Kebbeh, the supervising pharmacist for Atlantic Pharmacy to the Pharmacy Council for appropriate disciplinary action – a recommendation the government says it will “immediately” implement.

“The government through the Pharmacy Council, Ministry of Higher Education Research Science and Technology and the University of The Gambia should prioritise the establishment of a School of Pharmacy at the University of The Gambia to meet the growing demand of Pharmacists in the country,” the Taskforce further recommends,” the report further recommends.

Responding to this, Health Minister Samateh revealed that the process has started and advertisement for the recruitment of consultants for the curriculum development will soon be out. “This initial phase is being funded by the World Bank.”

“Preliminary discussions in this line have also been held with the WHO Director General which will be followed up urgently. Other possibilities with other partners and potential partners will be explored,” he added.

The government has also permanently revoked the importation licence issued to Atlantic Pharmacy Company Limited and their directors in line with the Taskforce’s recommendation.

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