Tanzania: Barrick Bulyanhulu Combats Malaria in Mining Area

Barrick Bulyanhulu has embarked on the initiative to create awareness of the malaria pandemic among mining workers and people in the surrounding areas.

The acting Bulyanhulu General Manager, Mr Victor Lule said in a statement yesterday that the campaign aims at reducing the magnitude of the malaria cases in the mining area.

“We have initiated the campaign to create more awareness to mining staff and the surrounding communitis as a way of fighting against the deadly malaria disease,” he said.

Mr Lule made the remarks during a special five- kilometre health marathon held in Msalala Municipality, Kahama District, Shinyanga Region.

He said Barrick Bulyanhulu has been optimistic in protecting the well-being of the staff by encouraging them to wear clothes that protect them from getting a bite from malaria mosquitoes during night hours.

Furthermore, he stressed that despite the marathon being a catalyst in decreasing the spreading magnitude, the campaign also aims at encouraging the staff to avoid overweight.

Barrick Bulyanhulu Health Centre, Medical Officer, Mr Kagodi Kagodi said this malaria infections has increased this year compared to the last year, prompting the company to come up with various initiatives including spraying insecticides to the people’s residences within the facility, the neighbouring villages, and also giving mosquito nets to the staff.

“The campaign will effectively help in eradicating malaria spread in the district and the entire region,” said Mr Kagodi.

Additionally, “Barrick has been promoting the safety of the staff and the public as the slogan ‘Zero Malaria’ says,” he added.

Moreover, Emmanuel Mwakanyopole, one of the Barrick staff, speaking on behalf of others commended the company’s initiatives to ensure the well-being of workers and the public around the mining sector, saying the marathon is vital for their health.

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