Ghana: Business Credibility Is Vital for Investor Confidence – Svanikier

Business operators, especially in the financial sector, have been urged to demonstrate credibility in their quest to win investor confidence for the expansion of their businesses.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Svani Group, Thomas Svanikier, said investors looked out for credibility as a core determinate of their decisions to invest in firms or projects.

“You can have the best proposal, with fascinating graphs and figures, backed with sweet talk, but if you are not credible, investors will not give you their money,” he said, adding that “you must first convince your potential investors that you have credibility to protect their funds,” he said.

Opening a panel discussion on challenges and opportunities of finance and investment for innovation in Africa at the 2023 HACSA Sankofa Summit and Heritage Experience in Accra on Monday, with dozens of African-Americans and young entrepreneurs in attendance, Mr Svanikier, who chairs the Advisory Board of Fidelity Bank, said investors reposed confidence in businesses and people they find credible and of high integrity.

The Summit, which involves a series of tours of historical sites across Ghana, is on the theme “Connecting Generations: Culturally, Socially and Intellectually”.

He said the demonstration of credibility and integrity must be at the forefront of every business strategy.

Mr Svanikier explained that credibility established the trustworthiness of a business, while integrity ensured that actions aligned with ethical standards and commitments made to shareholders and stakeholders.

“Investors are increasingly placing more value on a company’s reputation and how well it upholds its promises. As a result, businesses that prioritise these attributes enjoy a competitive advantage in attracting capital and forging lasting partnerships,” Mr Svanikier noted.

He said businesses must provide investors the valid and promising opportunities to invest, adding that “investors must see opportunity”.

Earlier, Samia Nkrumah, an entrepreneur, politician and daughter of Ghana’s first President, in her keynote address to open the summit, called for productive partnership between local and African diasporan businesses to create wealth towards Africa’s economic independence.

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