Uganda: Nakanyonyi Students Return to School After Food Poisoning Scare

Students of Nakanyonyi secondary school in Mukono district have resumed studies after the school was temporarily closed following last week’s poisoning incident that left over 100 students hospitalised.

All students were discharged from hospital and no one is bedridden. Police however say investigations into the suspected poisoning, are yet to be concluded.

The school headteacher Amos Barongo reveals that all students have been discharged from the different hospitals and all are in good condition.

He however noted that the school is under pressure due to the outstanding medical bills from the private hospitals that treated the students, amounting to over 10 million shillings.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga has, however, assured the general public that all students are out of danger, and the specimens that police took to the Government Analytical Laboratory for toxicological analysis are still under investigation.

Police say once the report is ready it will be availed to the public.Rank    ( + / )

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