Angola Reports 1,300 Cases of Cancer Annually

Luanda — Angola’s Cancer Control Institute (IACC) reported an average of 1,300 cases of malignant tumors (Cancer) during seven years.

The data were released Thursday in Luanda by the director general of the institution, Fernando Miguel, while speaking at the Oncology Conference, on the theme “The State of the Art of Cancer Treatment in Angola”.

He said that the pathology occurs mainly in women, accounting for 64% of the number, mainly in the cervix, breast and lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system).

Fernando Miguel said the number does not correspond to reality as many cases do not reach the institute, because of taboos, cultural and family issues, and the only institution of its kind in the country.

He recalled that the institute works in three fundamental aspects – prevention, assistance and scientific research – with radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy.

In 2020, he recalled, the WHO Cancer Research Agency predicted that Angola would diagnose 20,300 cases a year and that of these 12,000 would die, a number that could double by 2040.

The expert put at around 300 the number of people who seek assistance on daily basis it the institution.

Fernando Manuel announced, shortly, the creation of two more cancer treatment institutions in the municipalities of Cacuaco and Luanda as well as Executive plans for creation of Regional Centers in the provinces of Cabinda, Malanje, Huambo and Huíla.

The meeting brought together Angolan and Portuguese oncology experts to discuss and share knowledge on early detection of cancer. ML/ART/CF/NIC

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