Gambia: Africell to Bankroll Serrekunda West Nawettan Proper

As part of their social corporate responsibility and contribution, the country’s leading GSM operator Africell Gambia Limited has agreed to sponsor the Serrekunda West nawettan League tournament.

This development came following an engagement between Serrekunda West committee and Africell to promote sports development and community engagement in the region.

As part of the agreement, Africell will give D300, 000 to Serrekunda West Zone, which is going to be disbursed in two separate halves.

The first half will be provided at the beginning of the nawettan and the remaining half will be granted before the finals, ensuring adequate financial support throughout the nawettan.

The agreement will also provide the SWESO committee with 20 phones and a Close User Group (CUG) from Africell to its members to ease their communication and foster better coordination.

Africell is also committed to providing four sets of jerseys to the committee and will also supply them with the company’s branded umbrellas to help in the rainy season.

Africell will take responsibility for the repair and maintenance of any damaged or broken areas of the Min Stadium, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all participating teams and spectators.

According to the SWESO committee, they were yet to finalise a deal with Africell for the sponsorship of the FA knockout trophy.

“The committee is also doing everything possible with Africell Gambia Limited about the contract agreement to build the launched state of the earth Mini Stadium which is expected to commence after the Nawettan season,” says SWESDO in a post.