Africa: Sobs Celebrates 40 Years

Sean participated this week in the party hearty celebration of the 40th anniversary of SOB’s (Sounds of Brazil), the legendary nightclub in New York City founded by Larry Gold.

Back in the day at SOB’s, we recorded for broadcast Papa Wemba, Loketo (encoring in August), David Rudder, Thomas Mapfumo, Bembeya Jazz, João Bosco, Oscar de Leone, Marce et Tumpak, and others.

Sean spoke from the stage on behalf of the media in general, thanking Larry for creating a dedicated space where we could meet artists for the first time, interview them, record them and present them around the world on radio, TV, films, podcasts, YouTube, and social media.

It has been making millions and millions of impressions on people for forty years who otherwise would not know the world class artists SOB’s presented.

Congratulations Larry and team!

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