Namibia: Thrills and Spills At Khomas Super 10

The Khomas Netball League dazzled fans over the weekend with a spectacular showcase of talent and fierce competition at the Patrick Iyambo Netball Courts. The league resumed its second leg with exhilarating action in the Super 10, first and second divisions, leaving spectators in admiration.

In the thrilling Super 10 encounter, Namibia Correctional Services (NSC) defeated Tigers 31-20, while in the second division, the School of Medicine lost to the tenacious Tigers via a 27-32 scoreline.

Nampol easily cruised past Zebra Force with a decisive score of 35-18.

In an interview with this publication, Elizabeth Max, the public relations officer of Khomas Netball, expressed her delight at the level of play demonstrated by the teams. “The new season is proving to be one of the most interesting ones, as teams are in great form. We witnessed top-class netball over the weekend, with each team displaying their A-game and a remarkable eagerness to compete,” she said.

Looking ahead to the upcoming matches, Max anticipates an even more thrilling second leg of the league, given the high spirits and determination exhibited by the teams.

Amidst the excitement and skill on display, Max highlighted a significant challenge that the league faces – the lack of sponsorship.

Despite their undeniably captivating play, the league’s growth potential remains untapped due to the absence of adequate financial support.

She called upon potential sponsors to step forward and be part of empowering women’s netball.

“It’s truly exciting to witness such amazing netball being played, but the lack of sponsorship is holding us back from reaching our full potential. We have approached several sponsors – but sadly, we have yet to receive a positive response. We appeal to all potential sponsors to join hands with us and extend their assistance, as the league holds immense promise,” Max emphasised.

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