Nigeria: Anthrax Can Spread Beyond Boundaries – Expert Warns

…says they have advised livestock owners to report strange death of animals, sickness

Director Veterinary Services, Cross River’s Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dr Obi Patrick has warned Nigerians and state governments that anthrax knows no boundaries as it spreads.

Patrick gave the warning during a chat with journalists on Monday in Calabar.

Recall that the disease was first noticed in Lagos on July 30, in six livestock, after it was first discovered in Niger on July 17, following its observation in some West African nations.

Dr Obi who was reacting to claims by some Nigerians that the disease could only be in the north said no state in the nation should assume that the deadly disease could not get to it but be prepared incase of any eventualities.

His words :”The disease which can affect man when he consumes affected meat or comes in contact with animals or materials that are contaminated can also affect a man when he inhales the spores of the pathogen.

“As a state, we need to create awareness, let members of the public know that there is a disease outbreak that has been reported and be on the alert.

“For those who like to consume bush meat and hide (Pomo), you have to slow down now or only eat hide from approved abattoirs where you are sure that the meats are inspected by officials of the state government,” he said.

According to Obi before the outbreak of the disease, the department of veterinary services in the state Ministry of Agriculture had control posts where all the animals coming into the state were stopped and checked.