Uganda Seeks Serbian Investment to Develop Raw Materials

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has reached out to his Serbian counterpart, President Aleksandar Vucic, seeking support to advance Uganda’s economic agenda.

During the launch of the Uganda Trade Hub in Belgrade, President Museveni urged for collaboration in adding value to Uganda’s raw materials, with the goal of increasing revenue for the country.

“We need to add value to our agricultural products to enhance revenue generation for Uganda. I call on the Serbian Government to collaborate with us in critical sectors.” stated President Museveni.

In a round table meeting with Serbian businessmen and women, President Museveni highlighted the importance of adding value to Uganda’s agricultural products to ensure higher returns. He urged the Serbian Government to join hands with Uganda in crucial sectors to achieve this objective.

In response to President Museveni’s appeal, President Vucic pledged support by ensuring direct flights between Belgrade and Entebbe proposing that Serbian Career Air Serbia would fly directly to Entebbe via a code share with Uganda Airlines, aiming to enhance connectivity and reduce logistical costs for exporters. To materialize this agenda, President Vucic committed to sending a Serbian delegation to Uganda in August.

“Serbian Career Air Serbia will fly directly to Entebbe via a code share with Uganda Airlines, strengthening connectivity and reducing logistical costs for exporters.” Stated President Vucic.

The waterfront in Belgrade witnessed the official launch of the Uganda Connect Trade Hub, which is expected to play a significant role in marketing Ugandan products to the world.