Gambia: TRC Receives Football Materials From Ex-Scorpions Players

As part of their contribution in helping grassroots football development in the country, former Gambian international players have donated football materials to Team Restore Confidence (TRC), the only football leadership opposition group led by Sadibou Kamaso.

The presentation ceremony was held last Wednesday at Sadibou Kamaso’s office in Kanifing.

Sadibou Kamaso, who spoke on behalf of his TRC executive, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the ex-scorpions for their continued efforts and humanitarian assistance to ensure that grassroots football is equipped with basic facilities for players’ development.

“I thank the ex-scorpions players for your undiluted support and be rest assured that the donated materials will go to where they should.”

The Secretary General of TRC also hailed the “generous” act of the former scorpions players, saying it will go a long way in helping many youth in football grow.

A representative of the ex-scorpions, Ebou Sillah, while handing over the materials to the TRC Secretary General, said the materials were meant to contribute to the development of youngsters with ambitions to become professional footballers.

“This is going to be one of many such gestures from the ex-players to Gambian youth and all other groups like (TRC), who are interested in shaping the next generation of footballers.”

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