Tanzania: Tanesco Starts With Right Foot to Transformation

TANZANIA Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO)’s journey of major transformation has started to bear fruits, with the increase in profit and operational efficiency realised recently.

According to the TANESCO 2021/2022 annual report, the company delivered a record-setting performance of the group, with a registered Profit After Tax (PAT) of 109 bn/- being the highest profit recorded in the history of the company.

The recorded remarkable increase in the group company total assets is mainly attributed to major generation, transmission and distribution projects, ushering in an increase of 13 per cent compared to the previous financial year.

TANESCO implemented distribution network extension and customer connection projects in urban and rural areas which facilitated the connection of 504,366 customers, while in the company power plants, a total installed capacity of 1,727.602MW as of 30 June 2022 in 2021/22 was realised in comparison to 1,608.606MW in the previous year.

Speaking during the presentation of 2021/2022 TANESCO’s Annual Report and launch of Ten Years Strategic Plan in Dar es Salaam, yesterday, Minister for Energy, January Makamba called on TANESCO’s customers to be patient while the company continues with its transformations in improving the services.

He said the company has decided to be open on all its endeavours and plans to do major implementations, hence, ready to be judged after the execution of the plans.

Mr Makamba pledged that the ministry will continue supporting the company in its transformation journey by improving power services for its customers, adding that firm needs support from the government and private sectors in implementing various plans.

The minister added that TANESCO has a great responsibility in the development of the country, since, it has a duty of distributing power to various sectors in the country including health, education and agricultural sectors.

Earlier, TANESCO’s Managing Director Maharage Chande noted that in implementing the plans, the company has been collecting the opinions of different stakeholders including Parliamentarians, government and private sectors regarding ways to address electricity challenges in the public.

“The organisation also visits every region, district and ward to find out the challenges faced by customers and plans on finding solutions,” he said.

He said the TANESCO started developing a short-term plan that has brought positive results and prepared some ten-year strategic plans that are expected to start next year.

In implementing the Ten Years Strategic Plan, Mr Chande said TANESCO’s vision of being the leading provider of energy solutions that drive sustainable economic prosperity in Africa will be realised.

“The plans also come from the corporate mission of delivering customer-focused solutions through investment in people, innovation and modernising power infrastructure.

Mr Chande explained the strategic plan includes strengthening customer focus by solving their problems, improving financial sustainability and fostering a skilled workforce coherent with the culture and change management.

His list also had accelerating digital transformation, enhancing operational efficiency, driving realisation of the power system master plan (PSMP) and future-proof of the business.