Liberia: Jubilee FC President Confident – ‘We Can’t Be Relegated’ in 2023-24 LFA National League Second Division

Monrovia — Amidst claims and counter-claims of match-fixing in Liberian football league for the past two seasons and allegations of senior officials of the LFA protecting certain team, Jubilee FC’s new president Emmanuel Wannah, has been caught on tape saying his team will not be relegated under Mustapha Raji’s administration.

Wannah, who was recently appointed president of Liberia Football Association second division outfit Jubilee FC, in a leaked recording allegedly with Jubilee’s media officer Lazalee Wanneh, is clearly heard warning his media officer to concentrate more on his work than speaking against Mustapha Raji.

Emmanuel in an angry tone is heard saying he was brought on board as Jubilee FC President to work and invest.

“Let me tell you (Lazalee) I run this team. The papay appointed me as president and every single individual that I brought on this team is here for investment. He or she is here to make money that’s what they are investing their money,”

“I will say this to you this is my final talk to you. Either you choose Jubilee or go to Chris Weah’s team. I saw your accusations in the chatroom, that’s good. keep thinking that way I am happy you know there is a reason I am asking you to resign”,

“Raji is the president of the LFA, nobody can relegate Jubilee FC, nobody can attack Jubilee. If you think you want me to send you voice messages so you can keep it I am not afraid of nobody, nobody can cheat Jubilee”, Emmanuel said.

According to him, his team is a “church team” and is not in LFA politics and if Lazalee wants to continue his football politics by posting negative things about Raji in the various Football chatrooms he should resign his position.

Wanneh ‘s statement comes less than a month to the kick-off of the new league season, but many feel such statement needs to be investigated.

Appearing on Freedom FM’s weekend sports, Emmanuel Wannah distanced himself from the audio, saying it was played by some individuals for selfish gains.

He, however, said if he said once Raji is president of the LFA his team will not be relegated he has no regret saying such.

Emmanuel told Freedom FM weekend sports that the recording is his voice but part of it isn’t his voice because technology has advanced.

“That recording is a complete fabrication trust me”, he asserted

He claims that Chris Weah, president of Stages FC and Stages Queens, is behind the audio making rounds on social media.

“I am disappointed in Chris Weah but this thing is not moving me because for the past eleven years I have been advocating for Liberian football and I will continue to do so,”

“I am going to engage the LFA constructively by writing communication to that effect once it comes up but if you want be go on Facebook like before I will not do it,” the Jubilee FC President said.

Chris Weah has openly expressed his intentions to contest the LFA election in 2026 and has been vocal of late on the administration of LFA president Mustapha Raji running of football in the country.

Also speaking on Freedom FM Lazalee Wanneh termed his team’s president Emmanuel Wannah as a person who can’t speak the truth.

Lazalee said the recording was never tampered with.

In response to the recording LFA president Mustapha Raji told FrontPage Africa that he has no idea of such recordings and information giving his word to a club that they will not be relegated once he is president of the FA.

Rajis said it’s impossible for a club to say they can’t be relegated when they don’t meet the maximum points.

He said if Emmanuel Wanneh made such statement than he must ask himself how was Jubilee relegated to second division at the end of the 2022-23 first division League season.

“So how does it suggest that they can never be relegated. I am not an owner, nor a shareholder, not a player etc. How does my position as president attach to a change of regulations in favor of a specific club? The team that I own buys players every year to maintain its performance. I think those that did that recording need to explain better”

“But how does it link me to two club officials. So reason I don’t direct my energy to that. I’m looking for support for our football and pushing Liberia. Someday, others will come to do their part. Today I’m at WAFU going unopposed again as VP, if I’m not working or grounded, I’ll have an opponent,” Raji said

Meanwhile LFA second vice president Adolphus Dolo two team Almighty FC and Nimba United were relegated to the third and second divisions despite his position at the LFA.

In recent time the ended of the league season have been marked by controversies with some teams and players scoring over six goals in a signal game something football pundits believe to be unprecedented in the league.

At the end of the 2022 league season Legendary football icon, James Salinas Debbehtermed LISCR FC and Watanga as untouchable and alleged the clubs of match-fixing scandal in the Liberia’s football.