Liberia: ‘We Need Fiba Intervention’ – Says Moses Jackson Liberia’s Basketball Pundit

Monrovia — Despite basketball stakeholders failing to accept the mandate of the Federation of International Basketball Associations (FIBA) to settled the leadership crisis at the Liberia Basketball Association a basketball enthusiast Moses Z. Jackson is calling on the world governing body of basketball step in to mitigate the problem.

According to Jackson, many youngsters who have passion for the sport are the ones affected because their talents are being wasted.

Jackson, in an exclusive interview with FrontPage Africa, explained that he is calling on FIBA intervene in the crisis because Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports failed several times to find an amicable solution to the leadership conflict existing between Abraham Samukai and Rufus Anderson who are both claiming to be president of LBA. He, however, termed the two-year crisis as a major setback to athletes.

He claimed that the LBA 2023 league has failed to kick-off due to the misunderstanding between Samukai and Anderson.

In his words is time for FIBA to move in and put to rest the unfortunate situation that has caused a setback for future Liberia basketball athletes.

Jackson revealed that since the 2022 league ended early January 2023, the 2023 edition is yet to start something he feels is creating serious setback for the athletes.

He continued that all basketball athletes in Liberia are now in a state of dilemma all because they don’t know when the LBA 2023 national league will get underway and they are all feeling bad about the absent of the LBA national league so he as a basketball enthusiast wants FIBA quick intervention so that they can fine an amicable solution.

Said Jackson: “I think every basketball lover in Liberia knows that the current misunderstanding between the LBA administration and the former president is creating serious setback for youth skills development and we know such setback is going to cause a serious blow not only to the LBA but also to the country at large so we all need FIBA quick intervention.”

Jackson stressed that he is calling for FIBA’s intervention in the LBA current state of dilemma because that organization is the decision-making body of world basketball and he is confident that the organization intervention would surely bring an amicable solution to the prevailing situation.

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