Nigeria: Strike – Tinubu Support Group Begs Nigerians to Be Patient With President

BAT Vanguard, one of the major campaign support groups of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has appealed to Nigerians to exercise patience with the president in his bid to wriggle the country out of the economic and social morass it is enmeshed in.

It commended the president over what it described as his bold, intentional and determined interventions to restore hope to an otherwise despondent citizenry and lead them on the route to prosperity.

In a statement signed by its convener, Hon Sola Olofin, the BAT Vanguard said President Tinubu’s nationwide broadcast which clearly itemised steps to economic revival and fiscal comfort has doused the people’s apprehension of a gloomy outlook.

According to him, the broadcast equally relieved the citizens of the sufferings occasioned by the impact of the painful yet necessary decisions for the changes we crave.

The group also condemned what it called “the mindless acquisition of wealth and corrupt tendencies of an abysmally few among the populace.”

The BAT Vanguard convener admonished Nigerians to bear with President Tinubu’s young administration and support its recovery schemes, saying, “there’s no surgery without pains, but assuredly, joy comes afterwards”.

Olofin further appealed to organised Labour and other affiliate unions to exercise patience and continue their dialogue with the government as well as put in place measures to monitor the effective distribution of palliatives.

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