Kenya: Mombasa County Told to Work With Private Sector to Increase Investments

Nairobi — The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has urged the County Government of Mombasa to work with the private sector to increase investments in social entrepreneurship.

This was said during an Intergenerational Forum held in Mombasa on Monday that was funded by the French Embassy in Kenya and Somalia.

Some of the challenges hindering social entrepreneurs among Mombasa’s youth are a lack of resources and experience, little mentorship from pioneers, and a reluctance from the formal business sector to support their enterprises.

“About 47% of our youths need more reliable jobs. It therefore gives me great pride to realize that the partners are working hard on the business programs and initiatives to improve the business environment and economic welfare of Mombasa residents and Kenyans,” Mombasa’s County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for the Department of Tourism, Culture, and Trade Mohammed Osman.

“My department will continue working with all stakeholders to create more opportunities for youth and women through all avenues, including the immense potential of the cultural heritage,” Osman said.

Through its knowledge center, Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya (SIB-K), the event was also held in partnership with Mombasa’s Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) chapter.

The forum is one of several ongoing initiatives by the private sector apex body through SIB-K to empower social entrepreneurs to scale their impact.

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