RSF claim ‘full control’ of Central Darfur after clashes

Sudan’s paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on Friday claimed its forces had taken complete control of Central Darfur, where heavy clashes with the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) have been witnessed in the last few weeks in the state’s capital of Zalingei.

In a video posted on the official social media channels of the RSF, Maj Gen Ali Yagoub accused the SAF’s 21st Division of “using the displaced as human shields” after they reportedly “withdrew their forces into the *camps for the displaced”.

Maj Gen Yagoub states this constitutes a “major crime” and vowed to “move from Zalingei to Khartoum” to defeat the armed forces, who he claims are controlled by the remnants of the former regime.

In the video, he also names the SAF’s high command, Lt Gen Shamseldin Kabbashi and Lt Gen Yasir El Atta, as the architects responsible for Sudan’s prolonged war.

The RSF commander also went on to state that contrary to the SAF’s statements, their forces did not sustain heavy casualties.

Given the current situation, it is not possible to independently verify the RSF claims, although many on social media have reported that the RSF is in control of Zalingei.

*Zalingei’s displacement camps shelter many people belonging to the ethnic groups that have been historically targeted by the RSF.

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