Winky D Nutty O speak truth to power in Bob Marley tribute album

By Darlington Gatsi

ZIMDANCEHALL musician Winky D has refused to be muzzled as he continues unabated to use art as a tool for self-expression.

Winky D, Nutty O featured on the latest Africa Unite album which was produced as a dedication to reggae icon Robert Marley.

The 10 track project features finest musicians from Africa in the process paying homage to a continent that Bob Marley related to before his death.

Winky D and Nutty O brought to life ‘so much trouble in the world’, adding their Zimbabwean midas touch to the song.

Produced by DJ Tamuka the song touches on the state of affairs of the world, challenging the status quo.

Winky D and Nutty O combine lyrics voicing out challenges being faced in the world such as poverty, inequality and corruption.

“Well I am living in a world where love is an illusion. Where they give me two devils and expect me to choose one. This world could be a better place without the human race. There is no love in the place,” sings Winky D.

The original track, which was released in 1979, Bob Marley used it to be the voice of the disenfranchised.

Forty-four years later the song still resonates with Africans particularly as the continent is still entrapped in poverty, inequality, and war quagmire.

Winky D slams the hypocrisy of leaders who call for peace but fail to silence guns.

“How can I sing for peace when leaders invest in ammunition? Hospitals cannot offer medication. Schools cannot provide education all in the name of corruption,” sings Winky D further.

Just like Bob Marley, Winky D is a towering figure in Zimbabwean music whose voice challenges societal ills.

This has drawn out swords against him by elites with his music receiving subtle censorship.

Riding on the wave Nutty O offers piercing lyrics.

“Bless my eyes this morning. Sun is on the rise once again. The way things are going anything can happen. So much trouble we are living in evil times. I do not trust my neighbour deep inside…… Africans must liberate….,” Sings Nutty O.


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