Liberia: Indian Medical Doctors Provide Free Cancer Screening Service in Monrovia

Monrovia — A team of medical specialists from Ruby Hall Clinic in India, led by Dr. Bhooshan Zade, an Indian doctor, is currently in Liberia on a medical visit to kick-start a free screening process specifically for cancer patients.

The two-day screening process is expected to start today, August 04, 2023, at the JAHMALE Medical Center in Paynesville LY Junction.

Dr. Bhooshan aims to provide free medical services for people with cancer on a complimentary basis in Liberia.

During a news conference in Liberia, the Indian medical practitioner stated that his visit to Liberia is intended to carry out free cancer screenings for Liberians who are battling the disease in the country.

Dr. Zade will be in Liberia from August 3rd to August 5th, 2023. He further explained that his visitation is in partnership with Jahamle Medical Solutions in Liberia.

Dr. Zade highlighted that Ruby Hall Clinic in the Republic of India is one of the country’s most outstanding medical centers, solidifying its flagship program as a multi-disciplinary hospital under the Dr. P.K. Grant Medical Foundation.

The doctor emphasized that cancer remains a common illness faced by citizens all over the world, including Liberia. He urged all Liberians to turn out in large numbers at the JAHMALE Hospital to get their free cancer screenings as a crucial first step.

Dr. Zade pointed out some common signs of cancer, such as constant bleeding through stool and vaginal bleeding, difficulty swallowing due to constant sores in the throat, among others.