I’m a gun for hire, Mutahi Ngunyi says after defecting to Ruto » Capital News

NAIROBI, Kenya Aug 8 – Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has defected to President William Ruto and has no apologies about it.

Ngunyi announced his move on Monday night in a public notice through Twitter now branded X.

PUBLIC NOTICE: I have DEFECTED to [President] William Ruto. I mis-judged him using the Dynasty LENS. But if the FACTS change, you must change your MIND. And only a FOOL does not change his MIND,” he tweeted and explained that “I started Project #HustlerNation. Now I MUST complete it. Iko Swali?

Ngunyi was a die-hard supporter of former president Uhuru Kenyatta and even worked for him as a consultant during which he heavily criticised Ruto who was then Kenyatta’s deputy.

Throughout last year’s campaign period, Ngunyi was against Ruto and always projected his opponent Raila Odinga to win the election.

His tweet announcing the defection to Ruto sparked mixed reactions on Twitter, prompting him to declare, “I am a gun for hire.”

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