Liberia: CSOs Support Revise Public Health

According to a coalition of civil society organizations (CSOS) and women’s rights organizations, Liberia is at a watershed moment in terms of addressing and improving healthcare access for all Liberian women and girls. Amplifying Rights Network, partners, and women’s rights organizations and activists make up the group.

According to the group, the amended public healthcare law will be able to assist the improvement of every Liberian’s life, defend their right to select and make informed decisions about their healthcare and provide access to quality and gender response delivery.

In a recent position statement, the group stated that the new Public Health Law has several benefits, including improved protection for the people of Liberia.

“The revised law will guide service providers in service deliveries and against discrimination; it will prohibit street selling of drugs including fake, expired, and unsafe medications; it will protect mentally ill people, regulate the sale and marketing of tobacco and breast milk substitute products.”

The statement further quoted the group as saying: “The revised law will also provide guidelines for the control and prevention of epidemics and diseases, improve access to safe abortion and post-abortion care, regulate traditional medicines, and provide coordinating mechanisms between the communities and the health authorities in all counties.”

Liberia currently has the 7th highest rate of maternal mortality in the world and the 3rd in Africa with many women and girls dying from giving birth and related health complications.