Solar firm to boost clean energy uptake

A SOLAR energy company, d.light Tanzania has embarked on a new move to push clean energy uptake with ultimate goal to reach areas underserved by the national grid.

The company has served with clean energy solutions to over 100 million people in Africa and over 200,000 people in Tanzania to unburden themselves from use of fossil fuels that endanger the environment.

As a global energy firm, the company envisions to reach over 1 billion people with sustainable products by 2030.

In the new initiative, the d.light Tanzania Managing Director Mr Charles Natai said the ultimate goals of the campaign is to champion for more cleaner energy use and save the environment from climate change.

“The campaign aims to win back customers who are lagging behind in paying for their units by giving them offers and various prizes every month, in the course of the two months of the campaign and finally the grand prize at the end of the campaign,” he said.

D.light is a global firm that provides reliable power through its solar energy solutions and enable financing with ‘Pay As You Go’ technology.

The new campaign ‘Your light, your deal, requires existing customers to pay outstanding loans or pay on time and when new customers acquire solar services from d.light, both are set to win prizes.

Some of the prizes to be won during the campaign are namely solar home systems, bicycles, smartphones, and airtime.

The campaign will cover all regions with extensive solar usage, including Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Geita, Iringa, Katavi, Kilimanjaro and Lindi.

Mr Simon Mshana, who uis a d.light agent, shared his admiration by saying: “I have been d.light agent for three years, never have I encountered any issue rather than seeing my income grow. I bought my first motorcycle and took my kids to school, thanks to d.light”.

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