Java House introduces new ready-to-drink coffee as it marks 24th anniversary 

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 24 – Java House today unveiled a new ready-to-drink coffee as it celebrated its 24th anniversary.

The Cold Brew Coffee is made from  Kenyan Arabica coffee beans and is part of Java’s mission to support local growers and foster a thriving coffee supply chain in the country.

The drink comes in 330ml cans and is initially available in two flavours: sweetened and unsweetened.

It distinguishes itself from iced coffee and cold hot-brewed coffee brew by using a unique brewing process.

“As we mark yet another milestone in our growth journey, this exciting innovation will undoubtedly captivate the taste buds of coffee lovers,” Priscilla Gathungu, the Java House CEO, said

“As the birthplace of some of the world’s finest coffee beans, this innovation presents an extraordinary opportunity for farmers to showcase their exceptional produce and uplift their communities,” she added.

“Besides, this venture also aligns perfectly with our sustainability goals and reinforces our dedication to the coffee supply chain.”

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