‘Banditry rife’ in Omdurman – Dabanga Radio TV Online

There has been widespread plundering of homes by hundreds of soldiers in Rapid Support Forces (RSF) uniforms, who arrived in the Sudan capital’s second city of Omdurman about a week ago, multiple sources have told Radio Dabanga. The militiamen reportedly use motorcycles to carry off their booty.

Escalating reports have emerged regarding displacement and theft of property in Omdurman. Residents from the Ombada and Karary districts have relocated to escape the violence. A resident of Omdurman told Radio Dabanga that they had to leave their home in Ombada El Hara El Rabaa after being robbed and assaulted by groups of masked gunmen twice in one week.

He explained, “the bandits move in large groups and carry our belongings off on motorcycles. They assault us with beatings and death threats”.

He pointed to the difficulty of remaining in Omdurman under these conditions, given the absence of protection and widespread organised theft and terror.

Continued displacement

Karary residents spoke of the continued displacement of Sudanese from the neighbourhoods such as El Hijra, Abu Rouf, Bayt El Mal and El Waha.

However, areas near El Wadi Street, the Nile, El Shanqeeti and El Nass Street have not witnessed significant displacement. Sources told Radio Dabanga that most of the displaced were sheltered in schools.

‘Great solidarity’

Sources pointed to “societal solidarity through generous donations”, including those from philanthropists under the supervision of the emergency committees and resistance committees.

He said Omdurman’s El Nu Hospital is self-managed and provides free medicines and meals, with supporting organizations providing intravenous solutions, antibiotics, and medicines for blood pressure and diabetes. He pointed to efforts to rehabilitate El Noor Hospital’s emergency dialysis provision service for kidney conditions.

However, there remains an “indescribable degree of hardship” for most people, with some resorting to standing next to bakeries waiting for others to offer aid. Traders have reportedly been forced to sell their goods at reduced prices for fear of expiration due to the lack of purchasing power.

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