Kwekwe Zanu-PF councillors land influential positions following clashes with CCC

By Staff Reporter

TWO Zanu-PF councillors in Kwekwe City Council have been elected into influential positions in at least two committees, following clashes with the CCC councillors on who would lead committees.

Zanu-PF’s Ward 6 councillor Courage Mugabe was elected deputy housing chairperson while another Zanu-PF councillor Dieless Muradzikwa also landed a deputy health committee chairperson position in the CCC dominated council.

The governing party only has three councillors in Kwekwe Council.

Elections for committee chairpersons had to be abandoned mid last week and postponed to Friday following clashes amongst the CCC and Zanu PF councillors.

Zanu-PF councillors accussed their CCC colleagues of sidelining them.

City Mayor Henry Madzorera confirmed that the issue of committee selections had been put to finality.

“We have finalized the elections of our committees, which means we have finished all the preparatory work to commence work. We have formed six committees, we have a chairperson for every committee so work begins,” said Madzorera.

He added, the council’s focus is now on the budget process.

“The main focus now is on the 2024 budget, we want to meet all Kwekwe residents, the residents associations, captains of industry and business, pastors and all professionals.

“The main focus is for us to make our contributions towards the budget, it is not councillors budget, or council workers, it is a budget for all the residents.

“Committees are there to discuss pending issues and other related issues, so that they will be brought to full council for resolution. Already we have a pending issue which is that of vendors, and terms of reference of operations which have been changing since the election ended.

“We don’t want to harass our vendors. On the other hand there is need for order in the city so we will balance order and livelihoods. Order is something which will give priority, we want a clean city so that our health will be prioritised.

He added: We have confidence that we are going to revolutionise the city of Kwekwe. We are thoroughly confident to bring new vision, we want to see a quantum leap, a complete change from what has been happening, that is the kind of change which improves people;’s lives. Piecemeal changes will not improve people’s lives as we expect.”

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