Portland Cement increases cement prices

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 28 – East African Portland Cement has increased cement prices by Sh20 per bag due to a surge in the costs of raw materials and overhead.

The cement maker says that it has increased 50 kilograms of Portland Pozzolanic Cement CEM IV 32.5 by 3.31 percent.

“Due to the continuous surge in raw materials prices, operating overheads and our commitment to maintain the premium brand quality that our customers have enjoyed over the years, we will be revising our prices upwards by KES 20 Per Bag with effect from 28 September 2023,” the firm’s Head of Commercial David Kilonzo said in a letter.

Cement is one of the key components in the construction industry, and its upward price increase is likely to impact the local construction industry.

Expensive cement means that contractors will have to cough up more to complete ongoing projects or those in the pipeline.

“These terms supersede any other and are subject to change at the discretion of management,” Kilonzo added.

“Kindly be advised accordingly. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to your continued business support.”

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