Kuria vows to deal with incompetent officials in new docket

NAIROBI, Kenya Oct 5 – Moses Kuria, the recently appointed Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Performance, and Delivery Management, has pledged to take decisive action against incompetent State Officers, which includes his fellow Cabinet Secretaries and the broader civil service.

Kuria, who was reassigned from the Ministry of Trade by President William Ruto in his inaugural Cabinet reshuffle on Wednesday, assured that within six months, his influence and results will be evident, and even his detractors will be seeking his reassignment.

He cautioned that during this timeframe, he will be submitting reports to the President regarding government employees who fall short in fulfilling their responsibilities.

“If you were agitated by me when I was handling one Ministry now be prepared to see me deliver,” he said on Thursday during the launch of an industrial park in Garissa County.

As the head of the 22 Ministries within his new role, Kuria issued a stern warning that any government official who fails to fulfill their duties will face his wrath and will ultimately be held accountable to President Ruto – the appointing authority.

“I will streamline this government and if you do not like me be prepared,” Kuria said.

The Cabinet Secretary, known for his controversial nature, revealed that his reassignment was orchestrated by his detractors.

However, he issued a warning that once he officially assumes control of the Ministry, those responsible will be in for a surprise.

“Government employees you know me. If you will not deliver be prepared to go home,” Kuria said.

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Kuria challenged government officials who cannot meet their obligations to consider applying for early retirement instead of waiting to face consequences later.

“I am ready and willing to accept the letters of early retirement from the officials who will not meet my demands,” he said.

He emphasized that there are many unemployed, motivated youths who are eager and willing to take on government roles if given the chance.

Therefore, he reiterated his commitment to not tolerate incompetence during his tenure.

“We have to do everything possible to give our youth a chance to work, to be productive, and to make their hustles matter. We have no option,” he said.

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