Travel Review: Leopard’s Hill Safari Lodge | South Africa

Our Travel Planner and Product Manager, Lauren Maker, recently visited Leopard Hills Safari Lodge at Sabi Sands, Kruger National Park in South Africa and shares her wonderful experience.

Written by Lauren Maker

When it comes to arranging our guests’ once-in-a-lifetime safari adventures, the Sabi Sands Game Reserve is one of my favorites. Sabi Sands — especially the Leopard Hills Safari Lodge — is a place that perfectly aligns with the expectations of nature enthusiasts. 

A Wildlife Haven and the Leopards of Leopard Hills Safari Lodge 

I recently had the privilege of visiting Leopard Hills Safari Lodge, a place renowned for its rich wildlife and, most notably, its thriving leopard population. From the moment I checked in, the elevated position of Leopard Hills Safari Lodge granted me breathtaking views of the African bush. Right from my balcony, I spotted three of the Big Five.  

Below the lodge is a watering hole that attracted elephants, rhinos, and buffalo, creating a dynamic scene. What truly sets Leopard Hills apart, however, is the warm and inviting atmosphere fostered by its dedicated family-run operation. The moment you step inside, you feel like part of the family, imbuing your entire stay with a comforting ambiance. 

Luxurious Retreat Amidst Nature 

Leopard Hills Safari Lodge boasts luxurious accommodation. With eight spacious suites, each tastefully designed with a touch of Africa, it’s the ideal place to unwind after a day of thrilling safaris. Each suite comes complete with a glass front, a private plunge pool, indoor and outdoor showers, and a fireplace to add a touch of romance. But the real highlight is the expansive deck that overlooks the African savannah, complete with that private small pool for cooling off on hot summer days. 

Exceptional Facilities and Impeccable Service 

What truly distinguishes Leopard Hills Safari Lodge are its exceptional facilities and impeccable service. The lodge’s staff goes to great lengths to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Whether it’s a romantic candlelit meal for two under the starry sky or a relaxing spa massage, they cater to your every need. You can also embark on exhilarating safaris in search of the Big Five, guided by Stuart, their expert ranger who accompanied us on all our safaris.

Up Close with Sabi Sands’ Wildlife 

Speaking of game drives, Leopard Hills Safari Lodge lives up to Sabi Sands’ reputation for incredible animal encounters. The reserve is home to numerous leopards, and I had the pleasure of coming across a leopard mother and her adorable cub during one of our drives.  

Lions, elephants, rhinos, and buffaloes are just some of the residents of Sabi Sands that we had the privilege of observing up close. Stuart, our ranger, approaches his work with genuine enthusiasm while maintaining the utmost respect for wildlife. His extensive knowledge of the bushveld, including its flora, fauna, avifauna, and birds, enhances the excitement of every game drive. Moreover, his keen eye for photography ensures you capture the best possible shots, regardless of your photography skill level. 

A Safari Experience Like No Other 

In the heart of Sabi Sands, Leopard Hills Safari Lodge offers a safari experience unlike any other. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the magic of Africa’s wilderness on thrilling game drives and return home with unforgettable memories. 

A Farewell that Feels Like Goodbye to Family 

Saying goodbye to Leopard Hills Safari Lodge was a bittersweet moment. This lodge exudes character and enjoys an exceptional location, making it a wholehearted recommendation from me. Now, it’s your turn to become a part of this remarkable journey. If you’re eager to explore the wild heart of Sabi Sands, witness the incredible wildlife, and create unforgettable memories, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Let the wilderness of Sabi Sands be your canvas and let us help you paint your safari masterpiece. 

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