Buy locally manufactured products, Kenyans urged

NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 31 – Kenyans have been urged to buy locally made goods at the 6th edition of the Changamka Kenya Shopping Festival that is ongoing at the KICC.

The event, which will end on November 4th, brings together Kenyan manufacturers and is hosted by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM).

It also seeks to promote the Buy Kenya, Build Kenya strategy, whose goal is to champion consumption of homemade goods over imported ones.

“This expo will showcase the high-quality products manufactured by our industry players for Kenyans and the global market. Some of the products showcased here are the top-quality products that we export to the USA, Europe, Africa, and other markets. These are world-class products made for Kenyans,” said Juma Mukhwana, PS State Department for Industry.

For years, KAM has been at the forefront of pushing for the consumption of locally manufactured goods and breaking the long-standing myth that local products are more expensive as compared to those that are imported.

Through initiatives such as the Changamka Festival, KAM hopes to boost production among manufacturers and spur Kenya’s economic growth.

“It provides an opportunity to celebrate our manufacturing sector and its diversity. As an industry, we aim to dismantle the long-held belief that local goods are not of high quality and to reduce over-reliance on imports,” KAM Chair Rajan Shah said.

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