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BEIJING, China Nov 1 – China has promoted Belt and Road cooperation through foreign aid over the past 10 years, Luo Zhaohui, head of the China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA), said on Tuesday.

The past decade has seen more than 2,000 aid projects in more than 120 Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) partner countries, where more than 80 economic and trade cooperation zones have been established, nearly $1 trillion invested, more than 100,000 talents trained, and nearly 40 million people lifted out of poverty, Luo told a press conference.

China has led and helped shape the landscape of international development, cooperation and aid, and engaged itself in global governance actively and effectively, with its biggest yet contribution over the past 10 years in the new era, he said.

Thanks to the coordination of the CIDCA, the Global Development Project Pool and Project Pool Financing – the two pools under the Global Development Initiative – have been running smoothly, with more than 200 “small yet smart” projects completed, said Luo.

The CIDCA has also helped implement a series of seemingly small projects that solve urgent problems for local people and improve their lives in countries including Cambodia, Myanmar, Zimbabwe and Djibouti, according to the head.

Luo said the agency has also engaged in humanitarian relief efforts, providing emergency assistance more than a thousand times to more than 70 countries.

Following the breakout of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, China delivered humanitarian aid and more supplies are already on the way, he said.

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