Rwanda: How Waste Became a Soil Scientist’s Cash Cow

Noel Nizeyimana is not your typical businessman, what others view as waste, he sees as ‘gold’. He founded GreenCare Rwanda in Huye, aiming to offer sustainable solutions for solid waste management. The company transforms landfills into recycling plants, promoting the circular economy, safeguarding the environment, and generating green employment opportunities for young Rwandans.

Nizeyimana alters waste into packaged fertilisers, branded ‘Grekompost’, and eco-friendly pavers, hence, improving soil fertility and productivity, protecting the environment, and fighting climate change.

Nizeyimana initiated this company with the aim of offering a viable waste management solution in the country. He emphasized that the previous system, which involved collection, transportation, and landfilling, resulted in numerous environmental issues, including water and soil contamination.

“This affected the community, socially, economically and environmentally. So we provide a system of converting these wastes into resources such as the compost converted by degradable waste into organic fertiliser in order to improve the soil fertility and also productivity,” he stated.

In a day, he receives 10 tonnes of waste, which he and his team sort out for improved handling in order to produce high-quality products.

According to him, although there are different regulations based on the sector of waste management, sometimes these policies aren’t adopted or implemented, which hinders the business model from achieving its objective.