Lydia Jasmine: I’m looking forward to having grilled lamb at Roast & Rhyme

INTERVIEW | THE INDEPENDENT | The award-winning musician and actress – Lydia Jasmine – will be one of the performers at the upcoming Roast and Rhyme “Cheers to the Holidays” edition that is happening at Jahazi Pier on Sunday 26th November, brought to you by Bell Lager and Swangz Avenue. We caught up with Jazmine, and here’s a look at what she had to share:

QUESTION: First things first, have you ever been to any edition of Roast and Rhyme before? If yes, how best can you describe your experience?

ANSWER: Yes, I have. I’ve been to at least three of the earlier editions when it had just begun, and I love the live music experience. I also love the fact that we get different acts every time and get to chill with friends. But mostly, I love the live music.

QUESTION: Roast and Rhyme is popular for its exceptional live music performances. What live music experience do you have planned for the fans come the 26th?

ANSWER: I’m so excited because the one thing I love and do best is performing live. People should just come and experience me performing live and see exactly what I mean. I’ve booked perhaps the best band around town at the moment – Myko Ouma and The Band, with Augustine on the drums and others.

We are already rehearsing and it sounds amazing, so people should just come through and experience it for themselves come the 26th. It’s going to be beautiful. Very very beautiful.

QUESTION: As you know, Bell Lager is the official Enjoyments beer. How do you do your Mpola Enjoyments look like on the days when you are chilling?

ANSWER:  For me, Mpola Enjoyments is a chill night at home watching movies or series – mostly with family because family comes first, always. So we always just watch movies with some drinks and some nyama choma on the grill – either at my house or at my mum’s house.

QUESTION: Another important element of Roast and Rhyme is of course the roasting. What’s your favourite meat you like to roast when at home or with your crew?

ANSWER:  My go-to nyama choma is goat’s meat and lamb! I don’t know whether there will be lamb at Roast and Rhyme because it’s not very common in Uganda, but lamb is definitely one of my favourites.

To be honest, I’m not a very good grill master, but I always hire a chef at home whenever I have parties.

But my go-to Nyama choma is goat’s meat and lamb.

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