MOI adopts new treatment technique for hip fracture

DAR ES SALAAM: MUHIMBILI Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) has adopted a new treatment technique named angle plate for hip fracture reconstruction.

This transformation aims to provide alternative solution to patients who would otherwise require total hip replacement surgery in hip fractures.

Speaking with ‘Daily News’, one of the hip preservations, Surgery Pioneer at MOI Dr William Mgisha noted that through the adoption of the technique, the institute will also attract medical tourism in treatment of bones, joints, muscles, spine and brain disease conditions and associated injuries in neighbouring countries.

He added that the treatment will mostly benefit patients aged less than 60 years.

“Total hip replacement involves removing some parts of the hip bones and replacing them with some metal and special plastic components. After the total hip replacement, patients will be guided on restricting some movements of the hip and activities of daily living such as squatting and sitting cross-legged. Hip preservation surgery will not limit any hip movement and daily activities,” he noted.

He said the patients with previous hip fractures, which were fixed routinely but ended up with persistent pain six (6) months after surgery will be considered for hip preservation.

Dr Mgisha added that Tanzania stands to be the only country in East and Central Africa doing hip preservation surgery in large volumes of patients.

“For three years now, we have treated more than 100 patients. We expect the number to increase even more as the treatment cost of hip preservation surgery is ten times cheaper compared to total hip replacement surgery,’ he said.

Another hip preservation surgery pioneer at MOI Dr Kennedy Nchimbi said that the technique adds up to a dozen subspecialties available at MOI such as joint replacement surgeries (complex primary and revision surgeries).

Others are Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine where sport-related knee and shoulder injuries are treated with minimal invasive techniques, treatment of chronic back pain disease conditions and Spine Injuries.

Treatment of Pelvis and Acetabular injuries through reconstructive techniques and treatment of bone injuries and disorders in children (Paediatric Orthopaedics) are some of the subspecialties available at MOI.

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