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NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 26- “I have never seen anything like that,” those were the words of a tourist from the United Kingdom, after he was caught up in the attack staged by armed goons at the Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa.

The Resort, one of the best in Kenya, is based in Diani, within Kwale County.

For several instances, armed goons have launched what the owners of the facility say is a well coordinated attack, leaving scores with injuries.

In the latest incident, tourists from across the world lost valuables worth an unknown amount.

“I have never seen something like this before,” Steven Cartwright, a UK citizen who is a guest at the hotel said.

“We’ve been here 8 times and at no time did we ever feel threatened.”

Cartwright was in the company of his wife Deborah when the incident, which many guests termed as “scary and horrendous” happened.Goons armed with sticks and machetes were seen forcefully gaining access from the entrance and the beach side, attacking everyone they found their way.

“It will kill tourism if it continues like that,” Cartwright said, sentiments shared by his wife.

His wife Deborah called on authorities to protect the tourism sector, a key factor in the country’s GDP.

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Deborah, who is also a practicing nurse, helped in attending to injured staff, including one who had a deep cut on the head.

Staff at the facility said they lost their valuables like phones when the incident occurred.

At that point, the hotel was hosting 60 tourists from the United Kingdom.

Several goons were arrested, and are due in court on Monday.

“We have now been attacked three times by armed goons,” Ali Jama, a staff member, said.

He has been a staff member at the hotel since 2000.

“We need peace. Even if it is about debts, it should be reclaimed peacefully.”

Another said, “the goons were threatening guests and destroying property.”Of the three incidents, the November 17 attack is the worst, the hotel owners and staff said.

Police were forced to fire in the air to restore peace and order, as the goons carried on with chaos.

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The hotel owner and Managing Director Alnoor Kanji linked the incident to a receiver manager appointed by KCB to take over the hotel, despite an existing restraining court order.

The matter is expected to be mentioned on January 9, 2024 at the Mombasa High Court.

Kanji alleged that some of the attackers were security guards from a local security firm used by the receiver manager.

“Their goal was to destroy, pillage and kill,” he said of the November 17 incident.

“The attackers overwhelmed us from the main gate and beach. They beat our staff and robbed our guests in broad daylight.”

A similar incident had occurred in early August at the facility.

“We are grateful that no one was killed,” he said.

He is now calling on security officers to apprehend the armed goons and bring to book those behind their illegal actions.

Further, he has asked tourism stakeholders “to speak up against rogue acts of terror that aim to destabilize our industries.”

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“This is just a case of impunity. Why can’t they just follow the rule of law? Can’t they respect the court orders?” one of the hotel officials, who did not want to be named, asked.

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