75pc of Kenyans believe devolution has improved service delivery

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 27 – A recent survey by a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) has revealed that 75 percent of Kenyans believe that devolution has improved service delivery.

According to the study by Twaweza East Africa, 58 percent of these noted positive economic development within the devolved units.

“This positive view of devolution is broadly shared across different demographic groups and different parts of the country. Those living in rural areas of the country are more positive about the way devolution is being implemented, and those with a more confident understanding of the term devolution are also more positive,” part of the survey read

Support is strong across all major demographic groups, but is particularly strong among men, older citizens and those with a stronger understanding of the term devolution. It is also particularly strong in the county of Makueni.

Counties such as Tana River, Marsabit, Turkana (combined), Makueni, and Elgeyo Marakwet have a larger percentage of residents supporting devolution.

Supporters of devolution commonly cite improved healthcare services, enhanced road networks, and increased proximity of the government to the people as the primary reasons for their endorsement.

“A clear majority of citizens (75%) say devolution has led to improvements in public services such as health, water, education and infrastructure. Just 14% disagree with this view. Most citizens (58%) also agree with the view that devolution has led to visible economic development in their counties,”

“When it comes to citizens’ engagement in governance, half say they feel more involved in
county-level decisions than before devolution (50%) and that devolution has led to increased
transparency and accountability (49%),” the survey stated

Regarding inter-regional equality, a majority of citizens (53%) concur with the assertion that devolution has led to an equitable distribution of resources among counties.

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