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NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 27 – For many traders, the experience in the financial markets dampens when faced with the task of accessing their own hard-earned funds. Traders often grapple with tedious processes, increased procedural steps, and prolonged wait times just to access their own funds. While these measures might stem from brokers’ anti-fraud and anti-money laundering protocols, there is an underlying pain point for traders, one that tarnishes the trader-broker relationship.

Industry-first seamless withdrawals

To address the frustration of not being able to access their own money, multi-asset broker Exness challenged the conventional system of withdrawal requests and introduced an innovative solution. The driving force? To offer a friction-free experience with seamless withdrawals and deposits.

To streamline this procedure, Exness harnessed its advanced technological capability and automated its backend operation. It invested substantially in reinventing the manual processing of withdrawal requests with round-the-clock sophisticated checks on trading activity that can isolate suspicious or fraudulent actions. This way, the broker is able to discern legitimate withdrawal requests in KES and process them promptly.

To further enhance the friction-free experience for Kenyans, Exness has also integrated mobile money payments with MPESA. As the most popular payment method in the country, traders can confidently transact on the Exness platform, without any need to adapt to unfamiliar platforms or entrust their hard-earned money to unknown payment solutions.

Furthermore, Exness prioritizes fund accessibility as well as safety. The broker stores clients’ money in segregated accounts across Tier 1 global banks and maintains regulatory compliance monitored by regional authorities. In Kenya, Exness is licensed by the Capital Market Authority.

In Kenya, only licensed brokers can guarantee the safety of traders’ funds, something that not only gives Exness clients an extra layer of protection and also distinctly sets Exness apart from other brokers, especially the unlicensed ones.

Reducing trader pain points

The broker’s stance on a frictionless trading experience isn’t confined to just withdrawals. Its promise of a frictionless trading experience encompasses a wider range of products and features designed to improve trading conditions and reduce the effects of market unpredictability.

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During high-volatility events, traders can face spread instability and slippage. But keeping spreads tight and execution instant is very complex. To address this, Exness’ trading engine employs sophisticated algorithms that monitor data feeds from several market sources. These make sure that clients receive the most favorable conditions in every position. And to keep spreads tight with even large positions, the broker’s algorithms determine the need for extra liquidity to satisfy any influx in demand.

Another problematic area for traders is stop-outs causing traders to incur losses when the markets experience temporary price spikes. Stop-outs occur when clients’ funds cannot account for the open positions’ losses. To minimize the risk of such triggers, Exness developed Stop-Out Protection which calculates stop out based on mid-price instead of the bid or offer, thus protecting against unwanted liquidation.

Ethical business practices

For Exness, the promise of a frictionless trading experience is deeply embedded in its operations. Creating a fair trading environment where its clients can trade safely is one of the broker’s founding principles and one of the reasons for its continuous success.

This dedication to transparency and integrity, combined with robust business ethics, has propelled Exness to become the world’s largest multi-asset broker, with more than $4 trillion in monthly trading volume and over 600,000 active clients.

For more information, visit Exness.

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