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NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 27- National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah has accused former President Uhuru Kenyatta of dividing leaders on the outcome of the national dialogue conference.

This development comes in the wake of disputes surrounding the recommendations put forth by the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO).

Former Defense Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Azimio la Umoja presidential running mate Martha Karua contested NADCO’s recommendations, asserting that they failed to adequately address the pressing issues affecting the people of Kenya.

In a statement posted on his social media account on Monday, Ichung’wah referred to Kenyatta as “the talks saboteur” and accused him of undermining the government’s efforts to restructure the nation.

“Uhuru Kenyatta, you served the country as President for ten years, which is the highest honor a nation can bestow upon any citizen. During your tenure, however, you allegedly harmed our economy and the nation through state capture. What more do you desire? Why disrupt efforts to rectify your legacy?” Ichung’wah questioned.

“Can’t you allow those with the audacity and intellect to address the issues you left behind to do so in peace? Your apprehension that others might succeed where you allegedly failed demonstrates a high level of pettiness.”

Ichung’wah also urged Kenyatta to refrain from interfering with the functioning of the current government.

Narc Kenya Party leader Martha Karua echoed similar sentiments on Saturday, asserting that Kenyans should reject the ideas presented by the Bomas team if they do not yield immediate benefits in terms of the cost of living, electoral justice, and respect for multiparty democracy.

“Any purported agreement that does not immediately impact the cost of living, electoral justice, and respect for multiparty democracy is a deception to the people and should be rejected,” Karua stated.

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Former Defense Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, while addressing a congregation at Tingolo Catholic Church in Busia on Sunday, November 26, expressed his dissatisfaction with NADCO’s report. He contended that the committee had not adequately addressed the issue of the cost of living, which was the central focus of the discussions.

“I did not and will not append my signature to the NADCO report, nor will I accept any sitting allowance for the same, as I believe we did not do justice to the most important concern for Kenyans: the cost of living,” Wamalwa declared.

NADCO unveiled its report on Saturday, presenting a range of recommendations to the leaders of the Kenya Kwanza and Azimio la Umoja parties. However, the committee acknowledged its inability to reach a consensus on the contentious Housing Levy and the reduction of fuel VAT from 16% to 8%.

President William Ruto expressed his endorsement of the recommendations made by the Bomas team on Sunday.

“We have heard that those in charge of the Dialogue have completed their work, and we commend them for their efforts. Now, let us join hands and move Kenya forward,” Ruto affirmed.

“They have made various recommendations, all of which are acceptable. Where they suggested reducing government spending by 50%, I have already taken that step. To those proposing a 30% reduction, I suggest increasing it to 50% for Kenya to make progress. We must learn to live within our means.”

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