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KWALE, Kenya, Nov 28 – Pressure is piling on police to arrest and prosecute suspects linked to the brutal attack at Pinewood Beach Resort in Diani, that left many injured and property destroyed.

The lawyer representing the hotel Nick Ndeda on Tuesday raised concerns over the delays to charge the suspects, more than a week after the incident happened.

Of the dozens of armed goons captured on the hotel’s CCTV camera, only 13 were arrested, and later released on police bond.

“Some of them (the attackers) are known…we still don’t know why they have not been brought to book,” the lawyer said on Tuesday, during an interview with journalists.

“We want to believe that investigations are still ongoing…we are also very keen to know who sent them.”

Some of the suspects are officials of a local security firm.

The hotel operations manager Changawa Mulewa said most staff members were still undergoing anxiety related issues after the incident.

“Some are even fearing reporting to work,” he said.

Meanwhile, tourism stakeholders have cautioned that if no action is taken, such incidents are likely to reoccur, hurting further a fragile industry that is still recovering from the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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Staff at the hotel who sustained injuries during the November 17 attack have also called for justice.

During the attack, the hotel was hosting 60 tourists from the United Kingdom, some of whom were caught up in the violence, and even lost their valuables.

Victory Global Impact Ltd, the official organizers and convenors of Regional Hospitality Leadership Summit have equally called for a swift and stern action against the perpetrators of the incident.

In a statement, Victory Global Impact Ltd Managing Director Enock Alumasi says the matter shall be discussed during the second Regional Hospitality Leadership Summit.

The hotel owner and Managing Director Alnoor Kanji linked the incidents to a receiver manager appointed by the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)- despite an existing court order barring him from taking over the facility, until the matter is heard and determined.

“Violent attacks that endanger our lives and hinder our ability to safely operate our business cannot become commonplace. This should never happen again to any place of business in this country,” he said in a statement on Sunday.

The High Court in Mombasa set January 9, 2024 as the mention date for a suit by the hotel, challenging the intended takeover by KCB bank. It was issued by Justice Peter Mulwa.

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