Stress Clinic entertainment show set for Nov 29 at UMA showground



Ampurire (3rd left) together with partners addressed a press conference at UMA Showgrounds on Nov.27

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Stress Clinic, an entertainment project will officially kick off on November 29 at the Uganda Manufacturers Association base in Lugogo, some 4km from Kampala City Centre, the organisers said on Monday.

Winnie Nwagi and Maddox Sematimba are some of the big artists that will entertain the audience.

Paul Ampurire, the official spokesperson for Stress Clinic told reporters in Kampala that the new show will happen once every month, every Wednesday.

“Our aim is to showcase upcoming and new artists,” he said. Part of the other activities for the show are comedy and related entertainment activities.

Ampurire has for the last seven years been the spokesperson for Comedy Store, another entertainment/comedy show created and directed by Alex Muhangi. Ampurire said, Stress Clinic is not related to Comedy Store.

“When you work in a place for five years, you are supposed to leave. I did seven years at Comedy Store and I think it is time for me to leave,” he said when asked to clarify whether Stress Clinic was replacing Comedy Store.

He added that Stress Clinic project was his own creation during COVID-19 when he held some episodes at a hangout in Kamwokya to partly help Ugandans battle COVID-19-related stress.

This time around, Ampurire said, Stress Clinic will do more than what people see on the stage including touching livelihoods in different communities.

The Wednesday show goes for Shs20,000 for ordinary tickets, VIPs will pay Shs50, 000 and a table of four will part with Shs400,000, he said.

The project partners include; ReelSounds, Vigaras, Peno and ATS events.





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