CP Cables, FiberHome Technologies in a deal to supply fiber optic products in Kenya and Uganda

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 29 – A Chinese supplier of fiber optic products, FiberHome Technologies, has entered into an agreement with CP Cables (Kenya) to sell affordable fiber optic products in Kenya and Uganda.

Only 9.8 million Kenyans living in urban and semi-urban areas have access to broadband internet.

Of these, 38 percent have low-speed dial-up internet. Another 22 million people still have no access to internet connectivity nationally.

Access to high-speed internet is relatively lower in other countries in the East African Region as well.

Kenya Kwanza’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) has also prioritised investment in digital superhighways.

Bruce Wang, Deputy CEO Fiber Home International Technologies, said that the two companies have a broad basis for cooperation and a common development vision in the fields of optical fiber, cable, and ODN.

“We chose to partner with CP Cables due to their dedication to excellent service delivery in the communications industry. For this reason, we believe that CP cables will surely dominate the Kenyan and Easy African Community in as far as interconnectivity is concerned,” Wang said during the signing of the agreement yesterday.

In the past, FiberHome has made similar strategic partnerships with Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Vodafone, Singtel, Algeria Telecom, Morocco Telecom, Egypt Telecom, and many other telecom operators.

At present, it has established more than 30 representative offices overseas and a global sales and service network covering Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and South America.

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”This partnership will ensure the availability of huge in country stocks of quality fiber products at affordable prices, therefore filling the gap present in market dynamics, and further enhance equilibrium in the telecom sector,” C & P Group Chairman Rashmi Shah said.

“Both Uganda & Kenya have huge potential to expand Internet connectivity. The potential for the expansion is aimed at maximizing market share amongst all the combined population of 80 Million in the two East African countries,” he added.

“This model will naturally expand to other markets in Africa. We’re excited to have the technologically powerful FiberHome as our partner.”

FiberHome is a global manufacturer of fiber products with a presence in over 80 countries globally.

Similarly, CP Cables is the largest stockist of fiber products in the African Sub-Continent, with a current presence in Kenya and Uganda.

“With the joint efforts of both parties, our cooperation will be a complete success for the East African markets. We will take this cooperation as an opportunity to continuously strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and make greater contributions to the development of Kenya’s digital infrastructure.” said Keller Yun, Director of FiberHome East Africa.

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