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MURANGA, Kenya, Nov 30 – The Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) has promised to ensure the three bodies that collect royalties on behalf of artists are merged for efficiency and proper management of the sector.

KECOBO Chairman Joshua Kutuny has observed having one Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) to collect royalties will ensure efficiency and streamline the sector for the benefits of all artists.

He noted operations costs of three CMOs including Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP), Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) and Performers Right Society of Kenya (PRISCK) is too high thus draining earnings of artists.

He said some years ago collection of royalties was more to a tune of Sh. 650 million back in 2019 but the amount has dropped to about Sh. 150 million in last year.

Proper management of the music industry, Kutuny said, will ensure royalties are collected from all consumers of music and the money be directly sent to artists.

The money raised, Kutuny said, will be shared among the musicians and artists based on their performance.

The chairman further noted that KECOBO will work to ensure artists are paid directly by companies instead of through intermediaries to avoid exploitation.

He described the current situation where some musicians, despite their performance and music being commonly played and listened to, are languishing in poverty.

Kutuny further reflected some years back CMOs were accused of brutality in collection of royalties when they used police to enforce law saying they will now change tactics to ensure loyalties are paid effectively and without using force.

Fielding questions from the press, he said, the increased income to the artists will help them acquire quality equipment and dressing towards production of quality music that will earn artists good returns.

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