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NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 1- The government has disbursed Sh2.1 billion for the Inua Jamii Cash Transfer  Programme and Sh6.1 million for Nutrition Improvement through Cash and Health Education (NICHE) Complimentary Programme for November 2023.

Social Protection and Senior Citizen Affairs Principal Secretary Joseph Motari on Friday said the government has released the funds as payment to all the beneficiaries enrolled in the Inua Jamii as well as the Nutrition improvement through Cash and Health Education (NICHE) programme.

Ps Motari has revealed that the payment will commence on December 4 where the funds will be credited to the bank accounts of 1,044,621 million Kenyans who are the beneficiaries of the Inua Jamii Programme.

“The funds will be credited to the accounts of 1,044,421 Inua Jamii beneficiaries, with each beneficiary receiving shilling 2,000 being payment for November 2023,” Motari noted.

He stated that since July this year the Inua Jamii beneficiaries have been benefitting from the fund on a monthly basis following a directive by President William Ruto.

Inua Jamii is a cash transfer Programme that supports the most vulnerable members of the community by providing them with a monthly stipend to cushion them from hunger,poverty and improve their lives.

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