EACC Arrests Deputy Land Registrar in Kajiado County Over Alleged Bribery Scheme » Capital News

NAIROBI, Kenya Dec 2 – Detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) have arrested a Deputy Land Registrar based in Kajiado County on allegations of soliciting a bribe in exchange for services.

Together with her accomplice, a subordinate officer under her supervision, they stand accused of demanding a bribe totaling Sh148,000 from a complainant in return for releasing 74 Title Deeds held by her office, despite lacking any lawful justification for doing so.

Both individuals were processed at the Integrity Centre on Thursday and subsequently placed under custody at Kilimani police station, pending further legal action.

The Kajiado Lands Office has garnered numerous complaints regarding corrupt practices in land transactions. In this specific instance, the Deputy Land Registrar allegedly engaged in extortion, both directly and indirectly through the involvement of the named officer, exploiting citizens who sought assistance with land transactions.

Twalib Mbarak, the head of the agency, has affirmed that the arrest of these two land officials is part of the Commission’s ongoing efforts to combat and disrupt corruption at service delivery points. These points are often marred by corrupt public officials who subject citizens seeking services to extortionary practices.

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