First Capital Bank empowers  22 000 female SMEs |

By Alois Vinga

LEADING financial services group, First Capital Bank (FCB) says to date, through its Hustlepreneurs platform has managed to establish and train a network of 22 000 women-led SMEs who are leading vibrant businesses.

Speaking during the SME Hustle Expo recently, FCB head of marketing and communications, Emily Nemapare said building sustainable businesses is at the heart of the bank’s operations.

She said the Hustlepreneurs platform for female-led enterprises began its journey of capacity building in 2017 with the mandate to: ‘Walk with the entrepreneur till they are formalised- when their hustle becomes a business’.

“Today we have a network of over 22 000 strong women that are giving their best to their businesses daily. The businesses vary from construction to catering to health care and so on. Thank you to this online network for believing in us.

“We will continue to innovate and remain relevant to the ‘Businesswoman of Today’. We are here for you throughout the whole journey.  Today is a demonstration of this commitment,” she said.

The event saw several exhibitors taking the opportunity to showcase the wide array of their products and services.

Nemapare said FCB places special emphasis on SMEs because they play a crucial role in the economy of Zimbabwe by contributing towards employment Generation, economic growth, and driving competition in the market among other benefits.

“Immense potential is here, what is required is for us to take the necessary steps that will unlock it optimally. ‘Opportunities come to those that seize the day’. As Hustlepreneurs let’s implement this proactive operational culture.

“As key drivers of the economy, let us leverage each other’s knowledge, expertise, and talents by fully engaging and networking with each other today and in the future.

“At First Capital Bank, we say ‘Belief Comes First’. Keep the belief up until you are ‘living’ the dream.  Your hustle will go places!” she added.

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