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NAIROBI, Kenya Dec 2 – Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua says the government will start providing full transparency regarding President William Ruto’s foreign travels starting from January.

Speaking at the Great Kapsaita cross-country event in Uasin Gishu on Saturday, Gachagua assured the public that all the benefits of the President’s overseas trips would be made publicly available.

Gachagua emphasized, “When we begin in January, we will inform Kenyans about all the advantages stemming from the President’s foreign excursions.” He elaborated that the move aimed to increase transparency and accountability in the government’s operations.

Furthermore, Gachagua defended President Ruto’s frequent international travels, asserting that the revenue collected by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) was insufficient to sustain all government functions. Consequently, the President’s overseas trips were deemed necessary to secure additional funds for the country’s development.

Addressing critics of President Ruto’s foreign journeys, Gachagua expressed his disapproval, stating, “I have witnessed people complaining about the President’s extensive travel schedule. The President is not a tourist; he is diligently working.” He underscored that each foreign trip undertaken by President Ruto was meticulously planned and coordinated to maximize their benefits to Kenya.

Deputy President Gachagua highlighted the substantial advantages that these international missions had brought to Kenya, including the creation of over two hundred job opportunities in Germany and attracting foreign investors to the country.

Gachagua said President Ruto, who is currently leading the African delegation at COP 28 in Dubai, would proceed to India to explore new markets for Kenyan agricultural produce. This would include exports of tea, coffee, avocados, and Kenyan beef, further strengthening Kenya’s economic ties with other nations.

The government’s commitment to transparency in President Ruto’s foreign travel itineraries is seen as a significant step towards fostering greater trust and understanding among the Kenyan populace regarding the benefits derived from these diplomatic endeavors.

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