ICT firm Robisearch feted for helping SMEs streamline work processes

NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 2 – Software solutions provider Robisearch Limited has been recognised as a leader in the creation of digital solutions that help businesses streamline work processes.

During the KEOnline Digitally Fit awards held on 24th November at the Safari Park hotel in Nairobi, the firm was awarded as Top Digitally Fit ERP and Software solutions provider for SMEs.

Some of the solutions the firm provides include a point-of-sale system that enables business owners to track the performance of their enterprises remotely, and know whether staff are being accountable.

“Somebody who runs multiple businesses could have a tough time tracking their profits and business performance, thus end up losing stock, or money with no one to account for this. The Robisearch Point of Sale system helps business owners to keep track of their stock and inventory, even when they are working remotely,” noted Robert Manyala, Director, Robisearch.

The firm has also developed a software application that enables organisations to efficiently manage client feedback. Customers can give feedback on what they like or what they want improved on via the platform. The platform then generates valuable and actionable insights that organisations can use to enhance customer experience.

“Customer feedback is critical for any organisation as this is what enables them to understand the needs and demands of their customers and respond accordingly,” noted Mr Manyala.

The firm has also developed a property management system that enables landlords, agents and property owners to manage their rentals with ease.

The system enables property owners to generate invoices and receipts of tenant payments, as well as maintain records of property occupants digitally, thus reducing the inefficiencies that come with paper-based record keeping.

The system also enables property owners and agents to easily manage the booking and renting of rooms, as well as manage tenancy agreements and leases.

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“Someone who owns multiple residential houses is able to know the vacancies and status of payments instead of relying on agencies and caretakers. Tenants can also use the portal to speak up. Agencies working with multiple landlords can also leverage the tool to simplify work,” noted Manyala.

Currently, the PMS is available for property owners in major towns and cities like Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Kakamega, Meru, Naivasha, Nakuru, among others. It is also available in Tanzania and Uganda.

Other solutions the firm provides include bulk SMS, bulk WhatsApp, biometric time attendance and Access Control. The Digitally fit award cements the firm’s recognition as a Pacesetter in software and Digital Solutions, on 30th June this year.

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