Project Hello World makes strides in bridging the digital divide ahead of today’s World Computer Literacy Day

Project Hello World has a programme to ensure children are introduced to the world of digital literacy


Gulu, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  As the world prepares to celebrate World Computer Literacy Day today December 2nd, Project Hello World has taken centre stage with a groundbreaking initiative focused on bridging the digital divide.

Susan Akiror, head of programs in Uganda, says this year’s theme, “Literacy for human-centred recovery: narrowing the digital divide,” with aligns with the Project Hello World’s commitment to advancing computer literacy in remote communities.

She says in Uganda, where the digital literacy gap remains pronounced, Project Hello World’s Hello Hubs emerge as beacons of hope. Strategically placed in rural and hard-to-reach areas, these hubs transcend mere connectivity and solar power, serving as gateways to digital literacy and embodying the ideals of World Computer Literacy Day.

She says one of the core programmes is the Hub Hero Library under the Project Hello World whose mission is the selection of children, like Ann Pauline from Panykworo, facing educational challenges to enjoy the benefits of the connected world.

Through engaging literacy and numeracy apps, available in both English and local languages, these children are introduced to the world of digital literacy. Pauline, for instance, utilizes the onecourse app by onebillion in English and Read with Akili in her local language on the Hub Heroes Library Tablets.

The initiative’s success has been remarkable, with children showing significant improvements in literacy (23%) and numeracy (62%) over 12 months. Akiror anticipates even greater strides with enhancements to the program and looks forward to unveiling the results of the cohort ending in 2024.

This progress extends beyond individual empowerment, contributing significantly to the broader goal of World Computer Literacy Day — creating a more inclusive and digitally literate global community. As the day approaches, the impact of Project Hello World’s Hello Hubs in Uganda stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in bridging educational gaps.

In line with the global theme for this year, Project Hello World’s narrative underscores the pivotal role of digital literacy in human recovery and development. The organization continues to champion the cause of literacy and numeracy, paving the way for a brighter, more connected future.

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