Tanzania’s digital economy framework set for launch in January

A working group of respected digital experts drawn from public and private institutions have finally endorsed suggestions and recommendations on the proposed national digital economy programme.

The programme, to be known as Tanzanian Digital Economic Framework (DEF), will guide the nation in handling electronic messages and documents in its day-to-day economic activities.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology, Dr Mohammed Abdula, said here yesterday that that now the proposed document has been endorsed by experts, it is a full-fledged official document ready for formal launch.

“We have finished the basic work; the most important part of this national effort on this proposed programme.  It will be launched early next year as Tanzania’s Digital Economic Framework (DEF), Dr Abdulla said, adding that with the work done by experts this is cause to believe that the nation will benefit a lot from the document.

Since November 6, this year, distinguished individuals have worked on the document giving recommendations and suggestions so that Tanzania benefits from the implementation of the framework.  The team worked as the Digital Transformation Working Group (DTWG) of the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) and Mr Abdulla was the group’s chairman.

The document adopted by the working group will be formally submitted the National Chairman of the TNBC, President Samia Hassan for her perusal, Dr Abdulla said.

The TNBC Executive Secretary, Dr Godwill Wanga, praised the work of the working group saying with the DEF in place Tanzania will be able to operate a digital economy that will be a competitive economy in the world. “The digital economy will cut down costs in doing business. Therefore, the national economy will grow and the incomes of individual Tanzanians will grow too,” he said.

The Managing Director of the Azam Media, Mr Tido Mhando, said he believes Tanzania’s media will give support to the DEF because they are obvious significant beneficiaries. “The government’s strategies in strengthening the ICT are now obvious because the government has been working closely with the private sector towards having a digital national economy. This has been a very welcome development for the good of the nation,” he said.

The Chief Executive Officer of Multichoice Tanzania, Ms Jacqline Woiso, promised young people of unreserved support in developing the national digital economy.

“Using the DEF, we shall support talented young people who are all out to develop digital initiatives. We also promise to work closely with the education ministry towards that end,” she pledged.



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