Data show December as favorite marriage month for Filipinos

MANILA, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) — Filipinos prefer to tie the knot in December, February, and April, according to the latest Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) data.

In 2022, December was the most preferred month for marriage, with 55,599 registered marriages, accounting for 12.4 percent of the total in the Southeast Asian country, the PSA said.

February ranked second with 52,426 marriages, or 11.7 percent of the total, followed by April with 44,600 marriages, or 9.9 percent, while November recorded the lowest number with 23,862 registered marriages.

The PSA said the country recorded 449,428 marriages in 2022, a 25.9 percent increase from the figure in 2021. In comparison to the pre-pandemic numbers, there was a 4 percent increase in marriages from 2019 to 2022.

The PSA did not explain why December is the most preferred month for marriage among Filipinos.

But analysts said the possible explanation is the cool weather and the long Christmas holiday, a favorite time for Filipinos to get together and hold annual reunion to celebrate the season.

The data showed most couples in the country get married between the ages of 25 and 29.

In 2022, the median age of marriage was 30 years old for men and 28 years old for women.

In terms of wedding ceremony, couples in the Philippines have preferred to get married through civil ceremony, the data showed.

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Of the total registered marriages in 2022, 43.3 percent were contracted through civil ceremony, a 3.7 percentage point increase from 2021.

About one-third of the total marriages last year were officiated in Roman Catholic Church, while about one in four were performed in other religious rites.

Marriages solemnized in Muslim traditions accounted for 1 percent of the total registered marriages, whereas 0.8 percent were performed in tribal ceremonies.

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