Zandaux pre-launches an e-commerce platform for intra-African trade

NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 7 – Zandaux, a business-to-business (B2B) multi-vendor, is set to be unveiled in three African countries to strengthen intra-African trade.

Zandaux CEO Franck Obambi Ngatse announced a series of launch events in Nairobi, Kenya, Johannesburg (South Africa), and Lagos (Nigeria) from December 13, 2023..

According to Obambi, the Zandaux platform will host trade merchants across the three countries by the first quarter of next year before spreading to other nations in Africa.

“The platform is targeting to have over 5,000 trade merchants in Egypt, 5,000 in South Africa, 3,000 in Kenya, and 10,000 in Nigeria by the first quarter of 2024,” said Franck Obambi-Ngatse, founder and chief executive of Zandaux Kenya Ltd., in an earlier interview.

“For now, we are indeed focusing only on bringing the entire Kenyan B2B market online where retailers can source supply at factory, producer, or wholesale price,” he added.

Kenya was prioritized by the startup for being the hub of East Africa in business and technological advancement.

“At Zandaux, we’re at the forefront of transforming intra-African trade and not just connecting businesses; we’re reshaping the way manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, and retail sectors collaborate across the continent,” Zandaux tweeted on its X platform.

“We strive to create the world’s most inclusive digital B2B trading platform for businesses of all sizes.”

Zandaux, which will accommodate big and small enterprises, will leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to create an efficient and reliable one-stop B2B sourcing platform.

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“We’re providing and further developing a single global business-to-business marketplace for the African continent to allow products, wholesale and retail, to directly connect and trade both nationally, cross-African, and worldwide with a user experience based on the zero-friction principle, easing financial transactions, price negotiations, advanced search capabilities, and marketing capabilities,” said Dennis Reumer, the CTO of

Since its inauguration in March, the e-business platform has on-boarded close to 500 manufacturers and other players selling goods in bulk.

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